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Bedwetting Alarm - Nocturnal Enuresis Alarm + Wet Diaper Detect

Bedwetting and wet diaper detector with included sensor to unobtrusively monitor, detect, and raise the alarm in cases of potty accidents for babies, little boys and girls, and even incontinent adults and elderly.

Nocturnal and Daytime Enuresis Alarm
Everyone can have accidents. What is missing for most people are solutions for them to know when the accidents happen so they can take the necessary steps to deal with the issue. This is where the bed wetter and wet diaper or underwear alarm and sensor come in. It provides you with day and night notification of wet beds or clothes, and works as the perfect detector to tell you if the bed, diapers or underwear is getting wet.

Simple Monitor Alarm
The sensor and alarm have 3 settings for any situation in day or night; music, LED, or vibration. For when they are awake, the LED or music alarm is perfect to tell the parent that their diapers or underwear are wet as it is a visual or audio cue for them. For when they are asleep, the music or LED alarm also work perfect as it will keep them calm or doesn't wake them.

Adults and the elderly with incontinence will find the vibrating function or the LED alarm a great unobtrusive and dignity saving way to alert themselves there is a problem. Adult caregivers also will find the alarms a great way to know that their help is needed without ever having to bother either their charges. Buy a bedwetting and wet diaper sensor and know right away there is a problem.

* 3 alarm modes: music, vibration, LED light blinking
* Included 1.2 meter long universal 3.5mm wet sensor
* Baby and adult safe and cleanable
* AAA battery powered

Manufacturer Specifications:
Receiver Alarm Modes: music, vibration, LED light
Wet Sensor Type: 3.5mm universal, 1.2 meters long
Dimensions: Receiver 7.9cm Length, 5.1cm Width, Depth 2.2cm
Battery: x2 AAA Batteries
Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS

Package Contents:

Product code: CAV0000008     


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